Saturday, August 27, 2011

1,847 Miles

That's how far we rode, round trip, to spend a day with my cousins. Yes, one evening, one day, one morning. It was the first Johnson cousin reunion and the California girls were going. Darryl and I went by motorcycle. Colleen, Ray, and Paul went by car. Sue and Patricia went by airplane. We all got there, we all stayed a very short time, and went home.

In the photo above are 15 of 19 first cousins. One uncle/father and aunt/mother, lots of in-laws, and more cousins that would be first cousin's kids. My sister Andi didn't make it. Her husband was ill. My cousin, Steve, didn't make it as he had just returned from a vacation and was tired from the driving. My cousin, Debbie, didn't make it because she had a previous engagement. And no one seems to know where my cousin, Lance, is.

It looks like this could be a regular event. The frequency has yet to be determined. I believe the location will change from event to event. We all had a great time and are looking forward to the next one.

Again, I don't have the pictures in the right order. This is the view of Puget Sound from my cousin Chris's house. It's a lovely snug house built in the 20's. I just loved it. Chris and her sister Claudia did most of the work. And a fine job it was too.

Here is the house as viewed from the Puget Sound side. Flowers, trees, and a killer view. It was lovely.

Chris was kind enough to put us up. Here is our humble abode. There is a nice plump air mattress inside and we were comfy and cozy. The weather was perfect.

The side of our tent was against this shop. I mean, really. The gate is that little square thing left of the window. It goes out to the carport. Could it be any more picturesque?

Two of my cousins showed up on their bikes too. Both Harleys. I will have to check my phone to see if I have a picture of all three bikes.

I'm so shocked Patricia and Kelly haven't posted pictures on their blogs. I'll just bet they both have better ones than I do. I was too busy visiting. I just realized there are a couple people missing out of my group photo. I may have to search for another and post it.

Hey! I finally posted something!