Friday, July 27, 2012

See? I'm Trying.

 I happen to have these photos on my phone so I was able to upload quickly. I am still packing and rushing around like a chicken with my head cut off. I wonder if they really do that. Anyway, this is supposed to have good ventilation. As a matter of fact FABULOUS ventilation. Your helmet needs to be replaced every five years and my old helmet is four years old. So this trip is a good excuse to replace it. And D keeps nagging me about it.

As you can see it's white. Well, that simply won't do so I had to bling it up. So I added the reflective flames and bought a few jillion crystals and outlines a flame in crystals at the top front of the helmet. It  looks pretty cool. But really it's about being seen. The flames are reflective at night. I will try to add a photo but it will be out of order. They crystals are sparkly in the daytime. People notice the helmet. I figure if they do they might also notice there is a motorcycle under my butt and maybe not kill us. I'm going to wear white/pale blue leathers as well. If it's not killer hot. My mesh jacket is white too.

I got other birthday stuff too. I just haven't had time to take cool photos and show them off. My sister, Patricia, gave me a Clydesdale horse! Okay, okay, it's a Zoobie. That means it's a pillow stuffed with a blanket horse. It's cute as all get out. I have it on my bed.

But my daughters went all out this year. I have two quilt tops that are from my lovely ex mother-in-laws family. They went unfinished for years. Well, Shannon had them to do a little research for me and she finished one and then she and Kelly had it quilted for me. It's just about the most meaningful gift I could have received. I want to take it with me on vacation. I don't think I can fit it in.

Back to work. I still have stuff to finish up to get ready.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm Baaack!

No pictures today. I'm crazy busy. Like that's something new. You see, the thing is, we are getting ready to go on vacation and I feel like I'm running further behind than usual. I don't know if anyone will even try to read this blog any more but that's okay. It will be a good experience anyway.

So, I'm going to try to blog while we are on vacation. You know post pictures and stuff. We are headed to Sturgis, South Dakota for bike week. And we will be camping most of the way. I know that the campground we will be staying in has WiFi. But how much Internet access we will have going to and returning from will be a crap shoot.

We will be traveling on our bike pulling our tent trailer. We are traveling with some friends of ours that will be towing their bikes on a trailer behind their 40' RV. Kind of both ends of the spectrum. We are independent of them though. We will use our own gear and if there isn't camping available for us we will stay in a motel. They can park and stay in their rig.

The adventure begins Saturday morning. We are shooting for Lovelock, Nevada for our first night.

Let the adventure begin!!