Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'm Still Here

I was hoping to post a couple times a week but I've been so darn busy with unexpected events that I just didn't get to it. For that I apologize. I did actually turn my computer on there for a couple days.

D came back from the feed store and brought me a present. My very own spurs! These are bumper spurs. Our horses don't really need anything more than that. And then only occasionally. I need to get some spur straps to attach them to my boots but that will be fun to shop for. Later.

Here is a photo of the highlighter tape in it's dispenser. I haven't thought to look at an office supply store but maybe that would be a good place to try to find some. It's nice stuff But I think this roll was about $7. It ain't cheap.

I finished my market bag. It's made from paper yarn. I did rinse it in the sink to see if it would soften some. It didn't. D pointed out that it is made of paper and maybe soft paper isn't such a good idea. He might have a point there. In any case I'm going to pack this in D's backpack for Stitches West on the 18th. Extra toting power is always a good idea when you are headed there.

I grabbed a pair of socks out of my drawer to put on my feet and to my horror this is what greeted me on my foot. I have no idea what happened here. I can't see that this is a place a sock would wear out. But I may patch it up as best I can. I don't think I can let these socks go. Not for just one little old hole.

And I had to model to flame socks on my feet. They are delightful, even if I do say so myself. I've dug out a sock yarn kit I haven't done to start next. I also cast on for a lace shawl. I've already started over on the shawl and ripped out. I have an error on it now and have to rip back a row. It's mohair/silk yarn and is fuzzy. It's worked lengthwise so I have about 300 stitches to rip out. Lucky it doesn't need to be finished until Christmas. And I have a little of the paper yarn left and am fooling around with crocheting a small basket out of the remainder.

And everyone wants to know how Mom is. She's not doing well. She now has pneumonia. I went to see her day before yesterday and almost walked past her. I didn't recognize her. She was a little old lady snoozing in a wheel chair in the hall. She knew me and got mad when I told her I put new blankets and other bedding on her new bed. She couldn't remember why she had a twin bed now but did remember we were moving her into assisted living from independent living. Then she started telling me about how people were stealing the chairs from the hall at the con home. Shortly thereafter she fell asleep again. So, it doesn't look like she's any better to me. It's a game of wait and see what happens next.

Just before all this stuff with Mom came down I had started cleaning out my file drawers. They are on the kitchen table. Then all Mom's stuff happened and I now have my unfinished file drawers and all of Mom's paperwork that I could find covering the bed in the guest room. I think Mom's stuff is more containers with a piece of paper here and there in it so it looks like a bigger job than it is. But I feel like I'm drowning in paper these days. I know I'll get it all done and that it won't take all that long once I put my energy into it. But the piles are daunting. I expect to finish one more of my drawers today and the last one tomorrow. With rain on the horizon for next week I think I'll get through Mom's and get it organized. Then it's tax time. I'm sorting for that as I go.

In the meantime. I've spent some time running around doing Mom's stuff and I feel so bad for my dogs. They are either outside or crated. I have had a few days home and thought I'd get Charlotte and me out for daily walks. Until I hurt my back. I have no idea what I did but it was bothering me like a pulled muscle or something in my lower back. I got up to head to the bathroom, night before last, and could barely stand up. I made it. I think I scared the heck out of D though. I felt better in the morning but could not sit or stand for any length of time. I didn't get a lot done yesterday. Darryl was off work for a couple days and came in from his horse training periodically to rub some magic potion of some kind on me. Probably horse liniment. All I can say is I feel much better today and am still moving carefully if a little faster.

So it's a good day for those files. A good day for answering email. A good day for blogging. Lucky for me, it's sunny and nice today so I will be able to open windows and blow out the winter stale air. I hate it when the house gets a stale smell. Sometimes in the winter I'll just shut off the pellet stove, put on a jacket, and open all the doors and windows. This works very well if it's windy. Clears everything out in an hour or so. Including the winter blues. Don't try this if it's pouring rain although it works well when it sprinkles and you get that fresh rain smell.


  1. I might have to look for that highlighter tape. It's expensive, but I bet it would last a long time.

    I'm sorry to hear that Gran hasn't improved much. Again, if you need any help, just give me a call.

    I found Darryl's comment about the bag knitted out of paper yarn, logical and funny. I'm in total agreement with you about the stale smell in a house. I drive by houses all the time where the curtains and windows are always closed and I wonder how people can stand that. I give Will a hard time for not ever opening windows in our house. I open them whenever it gets slightly warm.

  2. You are making me feel lazy! Many things on the "to do" list, but find myself just going slow, enjoying each moment, taking time to admire the cats. It might seems strange, but this is actually quite an important accomplishment for me. Used to be the one with a notepad and a hustle at all times, and a stomach ache to go with. I'm trying to leave that behind. So, I am in awe of you, Elayne, doing all you do . . .

  3. My to do list is to long to think about. I am feeling very behind this week!

    I did find time to google the highlighter tape though. You lucky US folks can get on for only $3.50 a roll. I had to pay $7.00 and got it on, but free shipping and no duty at the border, maybe broke even. I ordered blue and purple, I can't wait to give a go. I have a pattern I am working on and keep losing place. I tried post its, which come off occasionally during travel and tried a magnet board, but the kids move the knitting around and move the magnet. I am excited to try the tape.