Monday, March 14, 2011

Making Up For Unblogged Blog Entries

I've been carrying my camera around and snapping a few pics but haven't loaded them up on blogger. So here ya go: these are bees. What might look like dust or falling flower petals isn't. It's a jillion bees. Just before everything starts blooming these boxes appear in the orchards. That's our signal to not drive with the windows down anywhere near an orchard. Sometimes they are so thick in the trees in our front yard it sounds like electric lines buzzing. Nope. Just bees.

And people are always happy to see new orchards so here is a baby orchard. I did not get out of my car and inspect closely but I believe these trees to be apricot. They kinda look like cherry trees but it's too early for them to be blooming.

These are apricots. A fairly new orchard. You can tell by the bark and the trees haven't been pruned a lot. They will get that charcteristic stumpy look next pruning, I'm sure.

And last but not least, for some unknown reason, Patches has decided that the top of the shower door is her new favorite place to be. Go figure

I've started the Dipped Infinity Scarf. It's nice. It's fun to knit. But I'm not crazy about the needle size choice or the way they blend the colors. It's worked with two strands of sock yarn held together. But they way they say to do the color blends leaves distinct stripes. I think the fabric is just a bit too dense. So when I finish this one I'm going to make another on one size larger needles. I'm going to use the same colors, if I have enough, and blend them differently. We will see what happens. I have to weigh the yarn I have left and see if I have enough of each color. It could wind up being narrower than the original. That's okay.


  1. Cool photos! What's in the bottles on top of the bee hives?

  2. Patches is so funny up there.

    I am enjoying the orchard pictures very much

  3. Heather had a cat that used to sit on the shower frame and watch her take a shower. It was the strangest thing.

    I love the sound of bees buzzing. They don't bother me when they land on me. I figure it's because I'm sweet. Not yellow jackets are a different thing!