Monday, September 5, 2011

And There's More...

Everyone that knows that I have lots of Oz stuff told me I had to take a picture of this sign that was on the portable toilet that Chris rented. I just can't figure out why?

It seems Darryl took more picture with his phone than I did with my camera. Sunset in Chris's back yard.

I'm sorry this photo didn't come out more clear. It has signs pointing to I-5 south and I-5 north and they are the same ramp. They split eventually, of course, but you can't tell that when you make the turn for the freeway. They need to add a third sign that says "trust me on this one".

This is a very bad picture I took when we stopped at a rest area. This is our light travel mode. One small suitcase for two people for 5 days. All our bike clothing layers are in the two saddle bags. You can see the one I use is open and there is a light layer and my purse in there on top.

And here are the three Harley's that showed up at Chris's place for the festivities. It must run in the family.


  1. The sunset picture is beautiful. Although, it took us to bring the sun up there for this special shot. LOL!

  2. I love all the photos. Very nice.

  3. Great pictures, I have not even downloaded mine yet!