Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I apologize for the quality of these photos. I decided to put my blog back up and, of course, the battery in my camera was dead. So I did a quick snap with my cell phone on a drizzly day inside the house and it shows.

In any case here is Charlotte. That piece of of chewed wood is a boot jack. You use a boot jack to remove your boots. The one in the photo is upside down and in pieces. Charlotte thought it was a chew toy. I have a few more boot jacks around, since we wear lots of boots here. But don't you think she looks very proud of the work she has done? Charlotte is now 10 months old and over a 100 pounds. She's a happy, enthusiastic girl. I can hardly wait until she outgrows the chewing. I'm usually pretty careful with my stuff but in the last couple days she's found anything and everything to chew on. Yesterday she snagged two stitch markers. Today the boot jack and an eye drop bottle. I usually have her right next to me with a rawhide chew so I know what she's doing. But the last couple days have been a challenge.

I didn't see her chewing on the boot jack because I was so concentrating on getting the sleeves in this sweater. I finished the neck a couple days ago. I set in one sleeve only to find it wasn't positioned right. I had to rip it out. When I took the sleeve off I cut a stitch at the top of the sleeve and had to repair that. Got that done. Got both sleeves set in. All that's left is sewing up the side seams. I think it might even fit.

I've been trying to finish up knitting projects without starting new ones until all the old projects are done. This is the last. I still have a cross stitch project but I can tell it's going on the back burner just a little longer.

I'm going to cast on a market bag out of some paper yarn I got on sale and want to try. Then the Elenore shawl/scarf. That's a long term project. And a shrug for Shannon. That should be a really fun project. And maybe a pair of socks I've had in the wings for a while. It's time for fancy socks.

I also have to learn to use a drop spindle with some skill. I promised a friend I would teach her. Guess I better learn first. And some spinning to finish up and plenty of new to start. And none of this takes in other stuff like work, laundry, animal care, other housework (that is part of my vacuum cleaner in the picture with Charlotte).

But casting on a new project is so exciting! Maybe I'll just vacuum the living room.


  1. Hi-Thanks for your email. Now I have restored your blog address. Reading your blog, then Shannon's and Kelly's is like old times. And I read Patti's too. Charlotte, Sebastian, and Q all look taller since the last times I saw them.

  2. Nice to see you up and running, looks at what Shannon started, I am so glad!

    Charlotte has gotten much taller since the last pictures I saw. That sweater is beautiful, when do we get to see what it looks like on? I can tell if it has a zipper down the front or if it is a pull over. I love the length on it.

    I have so many things I want to cast on right now, I am like you, trying to be disciplined and finish up a few projects that are so very close to completion.