Thursday, December 16, 2010

What A Difference A Day Makes!

Yesterday I ran an errand and the day looked like this photo above. It's the first time we have seen the sun in a week. It can get pretty depressing sometimes. I have several of those natural spectrum lights to help out with winter depression. I have this theory that if it's not raining it should be sunny. There are no excuses for anything else in my book. Sunshine is like health food for your temperament. No, really. That's quite an RV cover that guy has. And the impossible green that you can only see with new grass. It's probably oats or wheat.

And today it looked like this picture. When I went out to let the horses out of their stalls I touched the metal rails and there was frost on them. Or maybe it's FROG. FRozen fOG. Because that's really what it is. The sun did peek out for a few hours but as you have probably heard, there's a storm coming in. By the time I got home from doing a little shopping it was no longer foggy or sunny. It was cloudy. Sigh.

Darryl hates that the days are so short. I keep telling him that Winter Solstice is next week and the days will be getting longer. I was going to suggest a naked midnight dance to celebrate except the FROG situation would make for a very quick dance. Okay, now try to get that picture out of your head. I dare ya.


  1. Those are wonderful pictures! I am with you on cloud thing, no point in clouds if they are unproductive, there should be snow or rain coming them or they should scoot on out.

    The days here are painfully short this time of year, it is dark by 4:00 in the afternoon. I have been watching the calendar for winter solstice, it is amazing how fast they get longer, I think we gain around 4 min of daylight every day.

  2. I don't mind the short days, but they do get tiresome after a while. I like the rain and we need it. Can't wait for more.

  3. I loved your, "Okay, now try to get that picture out of your head. I dare ya" comment. It made me laugh out loud.

    I'm with Shannon on this one, I don't mind the shorter days and I love the rain.

  4. I know what you mean about the dark depressing days. It's kinda a blessing not having a cubicle near the windows at work. I don't know how nice or icky it is outside.