Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dollar Tree, Crochet, Birthday, Pretty Scene, Ol' Blue

This is a pretty field down the street from us. I just thought it looked striking with the dark clouds heading east and the sun on the new grass.

I've been seeing those little crocheted storage baskets around here and there. I really like them. and I have some cotton yarn. So I broke out the crochet hooks and started to make one. This one is larger than any I've seen. I wanted it to fit in a certain spot. I should have started smaller or found a pattern (like the free ones on the Michael's web site). But I was just winging it on the spur of the moment so my basket is a bit bottom heavy. I used four balls of yarn for this one. And I didn't make it in the round because I wanted that back and forth single crochet pattern. I think I'll try one size smaller hook, make it in the round (but it will be a square basket), and make it smaller and see what happens. I still have nine or ten balls of cotton yarn left. And they are all in that basket. The colors are very Martha Stewart, aren't they?

I've finished the knitting portion of my shawl and the next thing up is blocking. Then a crocheted edge and a bit of fringe. So the next photos you see of it might show a finished product. It's having a little soak right now in the kitchen sink.

Next up I think I'll knit some socks and a market bag. Two projects at a time seem comfortable for me.

We went to CV for a celebration of Morgan's birthday. We take Charlotte with us so she can learn better manners and some socialization. Last time Daisy didn't want anything to do with her. Daisy does consider me to be part of her family and I think she was a little jealous. This time Daisy had some lap time with me and I think she felt better about the whole thing. Finally, Daisy and Charlotte were having a fine game of tug-o-war. Daisy didn't stand a chance against Charlotte but Charlotte was very polite and let Daisy win some. The next time we take her there I will try to remember to take some of Charlotte's favorite tugging ropes.

I admit it. I love the Dollar Tree. I have found products that I use, name brand stuff, for quite a bit less there. I also find little cute little tote bags, mesh bags for storing horse blankets, mesh bags for dying yarn or fiber, emery boards, candy for the movies, gift bags and ribbons, Christmas ornaments, and all manner of stuff in there. Especially good for stuff you plan to toss out after a couple uses or containers you give food away in or bowls to take food to other's homes. You just leave it there or they can throw it out. Well, DT is gearing up for Valentine's day and I found these roses. The reason I am enamored by them is that they are soap. The petals of the roses are actually soap. So I can admire them for a while then just use them up. They don't smell that good to me but the cat likes them.

That's my nick name for the Prius. She has around 295,000 miles on her. So far we've had to put a pan gasket and some little valve thingy on her. We have always taken her to the dealership for her regular checkups. Dad taught me that if you keep the engine clean and cool your car will run a very long time. I've had good luck with that advice. i am not one to buy a new car very often. It's not that I wouldn't enjoy it, it's just that I get attached to my rides and if they run well and suit my purposes I just keep them. Well for the first time Ol' Blue needs some work. Not much. Just some cleaning out. It seems she has some carbon build up. So I left her at the dealership overnight. This is her first stay away from home without us. Sometime back when we took her in we felt she had not been treated with the respect and kindness she
deserves. So we complained and were given a free rental car if and when we need one. It's just a note written on the back of a business card. We've had the card for over a year. Well, since the dealership is in Modesto and I live in the Patterson area, I needed to rent a car. So I handed over the little business card with the handwritten note on the back and they said, "Sure! No problem." So I drove home in a 2010 Corolla. A nice car. But it felt big to me. If a car is big it should look like a pickup. I know a Corolla isn't a big car. And it's a fine ride. But it's not my car. Well, actually Darryl's car. It used to be my car. I have a pickup. It's just the way things worked out. Anyway, Ol' Blue needs new brakes and a belt. These I did not have the dealer do. These Darryl will do. This weekend. He has been putting off the brakes and it's a stupid thing to do. She has new tires and will have a clean engine. She is getting new brakes and a new belt this weekend. After all a girl has to stay fashionable right? New shoes and a new belt just go together. And if it's nice maybe a bit of wax. Oh yes, the guy at the dealership says she has lots of miles left in her. It's nice he appreciates her.

I don't know what's going on with blogger but no matter what I do it's has it's own idea what this last paragraph should look like.


  1. I really like that basket, maybe you could jot down how you a little pattern for this beginner? I have lots of cotton and I am stash busting right now. That basket looks like just the trick.

    Glad to hear the car has lots of life left in her and that D can do the work for you guys. I am always thankful when Paul can fix what needs fixing, it saves some dough.

  2. I like your basket. It came out really nice. I'm also glad to hear that old blue has a lot of mileage left in her. I've just started driving the Prius to work and I really like driving it. Will put a lot of mileage on it and now it's my turn.

  3. You seem to be taking great car of your car and this is great since you always get to avoid all the hassles of commuting! With a lot of miles left, you still have more memories to share with that car.