Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's Not About the Pictures...Okay, Maybe It Is

Just a few more cowboys for ya. And some useless trivia. See the guy there in the front on the left? That's Mark. He's wearing what looks like short chaps. When they are shorter like that they are called chinks. I don't know why.

Now see the good looking guy on the far right? He's riding the fabulous Sarah. He's wearing chaps. Now if you are on a motorcycle and wearing a similar item, usually in black, you are also wearing chaps. But if you are on a motorcycle you are saying you are wearing chaps like you say Chapstick. But if you are on a horse you say you are wears shaps. They are spelled the same, look pretty much the same, but are pronounced differently. Go figure. Darryl has both chaps and chaps.

And if you have to haul you horse up in the canyon, you may as well find a pretty spot to park your truck and trailer. This is actually the entrance to what is called The Dial. Apparently it is the Dial Ranch. Everyone uses it, repairs it, and deals with their cattle there. But I can't seem to find out who actually owns it.

And just for your entertainment here are a few horses asses.

I told you I drove further up into the canyon to get some camping information. Del Puerto Canyon Road goes all the way to Livermore. And most people don't get to see or even guess how rugged the Coast Range is.

Beautiful spots like this will fool you. If you keep going, and going, and going, about four hours, at least, later you will be in Livermore.

But the road narrows and winds and isn't for the faint of heart, those in a hurry, or anyone who gets car sick. But I highly recommend you give it a try once.

This is where D and I bring the horses to ride in the hills. On this day it's about 10 in the morning and about 38 degrees. There was plenty of frost to be found in the shadows.

If you do decide to take that ride, I recommend that if you are the one that gets car sick, you do the driving.

And for the fans of Claire and Jamie, did you know Diana Gabaldon wrote a graphic novel? Well she did and here it is. I have to say It's not quite how I pictured them but I've gotten used to it. I had him with a more chiseled face and hers not quite so innocent looking. But that's just me.


  1. Again, beautiful photos. I like the group photo of all the cowboys on their horses.

    Yes, I did know that Diana Gabaldon was writing a graphic novel. I didn't know it was out yet. Did you know that she used to write for graphic novels before she started writing for herself?

  2. Great pictures, Sebastian and I checked them out together. Mr observant has also noted that Shannon comment was just posted "like only 20 minutes ago" I did not notice the time stamp myself, but the kid is right.

    I am not sure I want to read the graphic novel, I am afraid her images of Jamie and Claire will just be so different than whats in my head. I am like mom, I picture Jamie chiselled and rugged, I don't know if I want a different image of him and Claire in my head.

  3. That is some seriously rugged country.

    Dave and I used to go on long drives on the weekend before the kids were born. I remember ending up in a few of those canyons back then. An hour into them, I told him turn around and find the freeway again.

    It might look a short distance on the map (those that are on the map) but in real life, they're loooooooong.

    I'll admit to getting car sick.