Thursday, May 5, 2011

Charlotte is German!

So I have this wonderful dog that is now just a over a year old. We were told when we adopted her from the Escalon Animal Control that she was Great Dane and Bernese Mountain Dog. Well, that just didn't seem to fit so my curiosity got the best of me and I did research to find the company that did doggy DNA tests with the most breeds and generations. I bought the test, swabbed Charlotte's mouth and TA DA, a couple weeks later I have answers.

Unexpected answers. I would have never guessed answers. She is almost a designer dog. A designer dog being a breeding between two pure bred dogs. Almost.

All the way back on one side of Charlotte's family she is, indeed, a Great Dane. Back to her great grandparents. And I'm not sure you are aware but Great Danes are not Danish. They are German. Yes, the breed was developed in Germany.

Now the other side of Charlotte's family is a bit more complicated. Her great grandparents on that side are an undetermined mixed breeds and two (wait for it) German Shepherds. So one of Charlotte's grandparents was a pure bred German Shepard who messed around with a mixed breed who apparently had some German Shepard in it too because you will see by the numbers that she is a great deal German Shepard. So Charlotte's parents are a German Shepard/mutt and a pure bred Great Dane.

The numbers break down like this:
Great Dane 50%
German Shepard 40.41%
Bull Mastiff 7.29%
Basset Hound 1.21%
Rottweiler 0.22%
Norfolk Terrier 0.22%
English Setter 0.20%

Or we could break it down by country. Since the Bull Mastiff, Basset Hound, Norfolk Terrier (I still can't figure that out since it's a very small dog), and English Setter were all developed in England that makes Charlotte 8.92% English. And the Dane, Shepard, Rottweiler were all developed in Germany that makes Charlotte 91.08 % German.

So since she's almost a designer dog I will give her an almost designer dog breed name. Charlotte, I now pronounce you a Great Shepardane! After all she is great.

I wonder if there is a company out there that will test my DNA and tell me my ancestry breakdown so quickly, easily, and cheaply. Wouldn't that be fun to know?


  1. That is so cool, I am really surprised by the German Shepard in her; I would have never guessed!

  2. That's way more interesting than I thought it would be. I would have never figured on the German Shepard part of her.

  3. Way cool!!! I am with you it would be way cool if they would do people too!! I am surprised as everybody else at the German Shepard....Sandi

  4. Boy, you better have that written down and put in a safe place because nobody can remember all that info. LOL!

    My dogs are 100% love muffins but I don't think a DNA test will verify it. They're probably still working on one as we speak.