Saturday, June 4, 2011

Giving You the Bird!

So, I'm minding my own business just doing stuff around the house. I come in the living room and find a bird fluttering around in there. Now, I've had many a bird in the house before but this was a little bit different. It was a humming bird! The pictures aren't that great because I used my cell phone again. The top one isn't that good a photo but there's a darn good reason. My cell phone is in a red case and the bird kept flying right up to the phone! I could feel his tiny wings on my fingers! It was crazy!

He kept landing for just a second or two and was able to get this picture. There is nothing wrong with his wing I just shot the photo before he got it all the way folded.

I could have reached out and picked the tiny guy up at almost any time but was afraid to because if I grabbed him wrong or he struggled too much I was certain he would break. So I got the big fish net for my Bigredmean Fish and used that. This took a little while because he kept landing on the net or he was too close to the edge of the window and I feared crushing his tiny wing. i finally got him safely in the net and released him out the front door. He flew fast and far!

There was a bee on the window and I was hoping to get a picture of the bee next to him but he was just too fast. The bee was about the size of the bird's head. He made an ordinary bee look HUGE!

My new car is great! I went to Castro Valley to my daughter's house a couple weeks ago and I did about 70 mph, maybe a little faster over Altamont Pass. My gas mileage was over 41 MPH. Not bad for a non-hybrid car!

I may have to quit washing the car though. Rain in June?!! This is just crazy! Maybe a sprinkle now and then but never, ever, never a downpour like today. The Spinning in the Vineyard thing was supposed to be today but was canceled due to the weather. It's Apricot Fiesta weekend. I'm hoping D and I will get to town to check it out but I'm not sure any of the vendors showed up. We will see what happens. It's stopped raining for now. I know that I have cousins in Washington and area that read my blog and they might be used to this but I don't know how they deal with it. It's chilly and muddy and generally yucky. No horse riding. No motorcycle rides. And muddy dogs. Yuck again!


  1. I just can't believe you caught a hummingbird in a fish net. I can't wait for your next post in which you find a needle in a haystack!

    Bigredmean Fish made me laugh so hard!

    We have had tons of rain here as well. More than I have ever seen this time of year. Are you having a ton of flooding in the area?

  2. I'm tired of the mud mixed with dogs too. The humming bird thing was cool.