Sunday, June 26, 2011

Apricots and Seven

Well, it's apricot season in Patterson. The tasty fruit is getting ripe. I realized I post pics of all kinds of trees, mostly in bloom, but not much for the apricot.

Patterson claims to be the "Apricot Capital of the World". At one time it may have been. Most of the varieties of apricots grown now were developed right here in the Patterson area. But so many apricots are imported now that most of the apricot orchards have been pulled out and nut trees put in. But I did see a fairly young apricot orchard recently and a peach or nectarine orchard that's very young also. So now many of the apricots that are left are organically grown because that is the only way they can compete with the import market. Such is the way of commerce. All I know is enough people around here still have a couple trees so I can get 'em fresh if I beg.

We have turned the boy cats outside and they are doing well. We thought we had all the feral cats pretty much gone. Until this morning. We caught number seven. Man! Those cats are mean! So the traps are set again and we will see if any more turn up. They seem to all related if you look at the coloring of them. No we are not catching the same ones over and over. I assure you that they have been relocated far from people, where the hunting is good, but they could wind up being prey. Good luck to them. I hope they get lots of ground squirrels. Which is what we bought the traps for in the first place.


  1. I look at that tree and can taste the apricot cobbler Dave's mom used to make. If I can get some decent apricots from the store this year, I think I'll surprise him and muster up one of his mom's specialties.

  2. I like the photos of the trees. I like dried apricots, but the kids like apricot jam.

  3. I love the tree pictures, they make me feel like I am home again.

    Here in our area so many people have apricot trees in there yards you can hardly give them away, we get pretty saturated with people giving away ice cream buckets of them.

    If you let the fruit drop to the ground the bears will park under the fruit trees and stuff themselves full.