Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'll Get You My Pretty!

With both spiders and flies in the house I have often thought the spiders actually do pretty good catching the flies. But I never saw one in action until now. I just happened to see this spider attacking his prey on one of my window. I'm not crazy about either one being inside but I dislike the fly worse than the spider. So I say...go for it Spidey!

And I have been busy with lots of other things but managed to get a row or two in on a sock now and then. So here is the pair I finished last night. Okay, Darryl finished the last sock. I hand it to him and he quickly grafts the toe together. The black wedge in the photo is Charlotte's nose. I hope the socks meet with her approval.

Speaking of dogs: I took Charlotte for her one year checkup. She is happy and healthy. Loved everyone until the vet stuffed junk in her nose. She played with a Golden Retriever while I paid the bill. They didn't want to part. But when I told her to heel she snapped to and paid attention the me instead of the other dog. The other day I walked with her to the mail box and let her off lead on the way back to the house. She stayed in the heel position like she should. Of course no cats, chickens or other critters crossed her path to distract her. Maybe she's getting the hang of it after all.

And in the small dog section: Vinnie and Ringo got out of the yard and went after a chicken. They were chasing the chicken and I was chasing them. It must have been quite a sight! They cornered the poor chicken who was cackling wildly. They pulled all the feathers out of her butt before I could grab the two rascals. The chicken is fine and the two dogs feel like big shots. I'm happy the chicken didn't get hurt and the dogs are happy they got to "hunt" a chicken, the chicken is darn happy the dogs are no longer in her turf.

I tell you there's never a dull moment around here.


  1. Life is never dull around your house. I can just picture the dogs chasing the chickens and you chasing the dogs. That's so funny!

  2. I wish we could see video of the chase. It would get many hits on YouTube.