Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

 Well, it's time to put Christmas back in the boxes. This year I'm hoping to eliminate a couple of boxes. I already am one less. Some of the things I have belonged to my parents and my sisters are taking them so they will have a bit of Christmas with Mom and Dad.

I have a new mouse and I don't have the hang of it yet. Blogger no longer supports Firefox and I'm trying to use Safari. It sucks because between the browser and new mouse they do stuff I don't know how to fix yet. Next blog will be through Netscape. I can't get this thing to quit centering the type.

Anyway, that's my new handbag that D bought me for Christmas. For those who are fans it is a Dooney and Bourke handbag. On the small side. I find that I don't need to take my checkbook with me much anymore and since I wear my glasses most of the time these days a smaller bag is very nice. But I have several larger bags too. It's very nice to have a selection and I am very lucky to own several Dooneys and one Coach. I have a very generous family.

I also scored a Kindle Fire. I love the thing already but since I already posted photos of it I won't post more.

 And that crafty husband of mine saw one of these abacus bracelets on line and made me a couple of them. I love, love, love them! So now I know why he spent hours in the garage after work.

One of my photos mysteriously disappeared. so you will have to settle for just the one of the yarn bowl. This is a project D and I are both working on. I've been wanting one but am unwilling to spend $30 on the thing. At least until I know I will use it. You put your ball of yarn it it and thread the yarn through the slot or hole, whichever it has, and you can put your bowl on the sofa or floor and your ball of yarn will just roll around inside the ball and not all over your dog and car hair covered floor.

D got the design cut on the one side of the bowl but when he went to do the other side as I asked him to, the brittle plastic broke. But I can still use this and see if I like it until I get over to Target to score another bowl. the bowl is less than $2 so I don't feel bad about experimenting on it. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a wooden bowl. I think it would work nicely and be easier to cut a slot of some sort in.

So, how was your Christmas?


  1. I like your Dooney bag. It's very nice and soft. Why do you need a yarn bowl? I thought you guys had those plastic balls to put your yarn in?

  2. Beautiful purse. D did a great job on the bracelet. It' very pretty. Hand made items are so much nicer than store bought because of the time involved in creating them.

    I didn't know Netscape was still around. Ya learn something new everyday.

  3. What a pretty purse, I wish I could reach into my computer and touch it, the leather looks so soft.

    Keep us posted on the yarn bowl situation, I would like to try one as well, but agree with you on the prices.

    Did I miss a post, I saw no kindle fire pictures?

    I did a blog post or two this week and had no trouble with firefox and blogger, you may want to give it another try, maybe they worked the kinks out.

  4. i wonder if your husband would share how he made that awesome it...