Thursday, December 1, 2011

Posting in No Sensible Order

Okay, D said we needed a new building in the village under the tree. So I had this 20% coupon for Kohl's and $15 in Kohl's Bucks. But when I went there I was just browsing. I didn't have any idea they had any these small buildings. Well, they do. And they were 50% off. I used my coupon and my Kohl's Bucks and this stable cost me $13. And that's rounding the number up.

And the pictures are out of order but I've been tackling the boxes that have been in my closet for years. All the shoes in boxes are gone. I've emptied a couple clothes boxes. Last week I realized I only have three pairs of jeans that fit okay so I went back to the boxes. Sure enough I found tons of jeans. Some were out of style and will be donated. I'm sure someone out there still wears Mom Jeans. And some just weren't as flattering as they could be. But some were nice and some were old friends from a thinner day. But now I have plenty of jeans now! And I found all these cute jackets in the box too. Okay I opened two boxes. Now there is just one pair of jeans in the box, size 10. I need not say more except that they might be there a while yet. There are only two boxes left in the bottom of the closet. I hope to get it down to just one box of stuff that I only use rarely or can't bear to part with.

So the village is under the tree. Darryl set it up how he wanted. That is the Harley Dealership you see there. He put the Service store waaay behind the tree. And for some reason he has the black smith right next to this Harley place. I suggested next year that we have a city section and a country section. We will have to see if that idea sticks anywhere in his mind. He put some building on foam blocks around the base of the tree. It's looks great! But it didn't occur to us that the huge light and motor in the base of the fiber optic tree might overheat. Well it did. And it's not working. And we have another one. But we'd have to tear the entire village apart to replace it. So the star on top lights and the village lights but the tree is in a sort of more natural state without lights. It doesn't make it less pretty.

And one last photo. This is that very same pretty bush I posted earlier. Only now it looks like what it is: tumbleweed. Quick transition.


  1. Nice photos. It sounds like you've been busy.

  2. Yup, that tumbleweed!

    Love the Harley Dealership. It's so cute. I'm just starting to get stuff out today and I haven't made much progress.

    On my list of things to do is get rid of clothes and shoes I don't wear. Free up some room in the closet. You are sooooooo far ahead of me on that chore!

  3. I really like the pre/post tumble weed pictures. Who would think it could change so quickly.

    I love the Harley Shop, very cool. We are just getting our decorations out at home. Once the tree goes up the kids can longer contain their excitement, so I try to procrastinate a bit.