Saturday, December 17, 2011

No Pictures Today

Shannon isn't the only one having trouble with Blogger. I have 't been able to modify or change my template since I put it up and couldn't figure it out. It turns out that Blogger no longer supports Firefox, the browser I normally use. So I used another browser and everything went just fine.

Until this morning. For some reason none of my browsers would open. Except Safari. So here I am blogging on a browser I normally only use on my phone.

Today is the foggiest day we've had in years. I can't see the cars going by on the street even with their lights on. Crazy, but true. If it were dark I probably wouldn't venture out at all. But I need to go to the drug store today and I'm pretty used to the fog. As a matter of fact I actually like it if it doesn't last for weeks at a time. It softens everything and makes you feel all warm and cozy if you are in the house.

I hope everyone is just about ready for THE DAY. Christmas. I don't get all this howling and yowling about religious symbols at this time of year. No one cares if I wear a cross necklace anytime of year. I can put anything I want on a t-shirt and my rights are protected. Religious or not the lights are pretty. The season is supposed to be about love and giving. You'd think that would include giving a little extra understanding of other peoples beliefs, no matter what we are. I'll give you the point of religious decoration in a publicly funded building or property. That's not such a big deal to me.

I have to admit that I don't know the meaning of all the Christmas symbols we use. I'm sure that many have strayed from their original meaning. I am not a traditionally religious person. Some may find my beliefs strange and there are some that are sure I am going to hell. But please enjoy your holiday season in whatever way you see fit and be generous enough to let others do the same.


  1. I know that Christmas is not's Christ's birthday. The Pagans celebrated something this time of year and wouldn't give it up. So like a lot of religious holiday's, most of the holiday dates were originally Pagan and adapted to Christian holidays. I'm not the least bit religious and I've always wonder about the people that but both Nativity scenes and Santa's in their yard. I've always found that funny.

  2. You're a better person than I. I can't stand the fog. It depresses me and I feel claustrophobic. On foggy days if I can stay inside and turn on all the lights to make it feel like summer, that's what I do.

    I'm with you on the Christmas symbols. We're a country of freedom, well we used to be....everyone is allowed to show their feelings, thoughts, sex preference and religion on their sleeves. I find it wonderful that people show what religion they are. It helps us to learn about others and be more understanding.

    I've used Safari forever. The others tend to mess up my computer. D uses Firefox now he was using something else but started having trouble with his computer.

    Safari seems to be pretty reliable and in all the years I've used it, I've rarely had trouble. Good luck!

  3. I learned a lot from this post and from some of the comments. I am with you guys, I think we should be able to all have our beliefs and have that right respected.

    To me Christmas is about taking a time out from the busyand spending time with family, pajama days and sleeping in, taking time to play together.